Emily Howard

"one of the most original and fascinating works I have listened to in some time … it showcases a composer who is a powerful voice, and one whose music, I believe, will stand the test of time"

“a fiercely individual composing talent”

“Howard’s lyricism has led to marvellously uncanny results that take vast leaps in pitch and volume in their stride. … The result is triumphant and strange, a shimmering klaxon that sounds like the workings of some near-future mechanism.”

"A warping and melting of harmony and rhythm, in which intervals collapse into one another, in which time is shrunk and stretched, and in which extremes of density and quietness create a friction that's expressive and geometric."

“an apocalyptic sense of drama”

“There is a great deal to anticipate throughout what is certain to be a productive and groundbreaking decade for this most ambitious and forward-thinking of contemporary British composers.”